Follow up "open" tickets

I see many people use Discourse as a kind of “ticket system”. Even Discourse team: How Does Team Discourse Use Discourse?

I intend to do the same, and it looks it fits my needs. There is one thing is not clear to me, though: how do you people (and Discourse) team “close” tickets and, even more important, list the open/pending tickets.

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You can use the close button, or

When you install the solved plugin, try the show filter by solved status setting


Thank you @david.
But what happens when you have private messages (e-mail sent to groups), which is why I believe many people (including Discourse team) use?
Does the “solved” plugin applies to private group messages as well?

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For private messages, we use a group inbox. Anything in the inbox requires action, anything “archived” has already been actioned.

For longer-term things, we use tags.


Thank you David. Would you mind to elaborate a little bit more how do you use tags?
We see a lot of potential in Discourse but we would not like to reinvent the wheel, and that includes defining the ticket workflow itself.

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We don’t have any particular process related to tags in our inbox. We just use them to group related messages on an ad-hoc basis. If you haven’t already, this is definitely worth a read: It’s Time We Talked About Tags

Our process is inbox, archive, and sometimes topic timers if something requires a response later.

If you search here for “tickets” or “ticket system”, you’ll find plenty of discussions about using discourse as a more regimented ticket system, if that’s what you’re trying to do.


You can also throw assigned into the mix. When a message or topic no longer needs follow up we unassign and archive it. Works quite well.

We do also use Tickets Plugin 🎟 by @angus which facilitates assigning tickets and also provides ticket tags for priority, status and reason. Definitely worth a look.

But the tickets plugin still needs some work on the dashboard for managing tickets. So we use it to set up tickets but rely on the assigned list to manage the backlog of tickets and work through them to resolution.