Following users and getting notifications

Is there any plan to add feature for following users and subscribing for notification if the followed user posts something new? :slight_smile:

I don’t believe there are any current plans to add this functionality to core, but there is a plugin that should achieve what you are looking for:


I guess i need to host dicourse by myself if i want to install this plugin or can business plan cover this?

That’s correct, the Follow Plugin is not available on our Business plan, so you would need to self-host in order to install it.

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Aaah alrighty.Thanks!

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One thing to add - depending on the form of notification you are looking for, there was a suggestion made here:

If an RSS feed is sufficient, then you would be good to go on a Business plan.


good point! It seems that it also works with standard plan. But yeah this could do the trick mean while :smiley: There just isnt any UI element. need to add the .rss into url :smiley:

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