Footer category links and latest topics layout bug

(Lars) #1

I noticed a footer category links and latest topics layout bug, screenshot:

Bug is on Windows, latest Firefox, Chrome and Opera - when category name is too long it overlaps. When it’s too short, there is a strange gap.

(Mittineague) #2

Not that way for me here using desktop Firefox latest obscenely squeezed.

Talking Mobile? Browser specific?

* got repro steps?

(Lars) #3

Latest Firefox on Windows. I think the thing is that the category name is long: “Rebuildable Atomizers and Tanks”… Same deal on latest Chrome on windows.
With shorter names, it looks weird as well - like there is too much space before “or view latest topics”.

EDIT: Shorter names look weird as well:

(Mittineague) #4

I don’t see any overlap, but I do see what you mean about the spacing.

Maybe a CSS tweak would help?

(Lars) #5

If you don’t see the overlap, your category name is not long enough :smile: It’s there in all browsers. Some sort of CSS-tweak could probably fix it, yes …