Updating hyperlink in footer

How do I update the hyperlinks in the footer pls?

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If you want to hide it, you can “CSS it out”… :slight_smile:


If you want to change it, you can select it with a Javascript query selector and change it as you like.

Sorry, I mean I have a footer that contains broken links because I’ve removed posts - and I’ve forgotten where the links are updated/ edited.

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Ah! That’s a totally different kettle of fish :). @IvanC

My best guess is “on that topic” that if you give Discourse sidekiq (the job scheduler) and the cache “some time”, this will correct itself (over time).

How long has it been since you deleted the topics?


Post a screenshot and lets see.

If it’s the FAQ & Privacy Stuff, then in your About will Also have broken links

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I guess I deleted the posts months ago…

I have two links in my footer - and want to now either delete the two references or to update their links

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that looks like a theme component.

you can go change it in settings

Just scroll to the bottom


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