Force recount of topics in category after moving them

Can the topic count for a category be forced to update after the topics have been moved to a different category?

I used this method to move topics around after merging two forums, but the counts are still off after 1.5 days.

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Shouldn’t the category counts rebuild after a day @neil?

It would be nice if they did! However, that didn’t work out for us when we did a similar move.

The following Ruby code, executed in the Rails console, will either fix the issue or set your database on fire :fire:, so backup accordingly :wink:

Category.find_each { |c|
    c.topic_count = Topic.where(category: c).count - 1 # -1 for about post!

(I’d still love for these to be re-counted occasionally, just as I’d do for post counts :slight_smile:)


Yes this is happenings once a day, doing this to update the counts:

Seems to work for me.

@fefrei @omarfilip Please go to sidekiq scheduler (/sidekiq/scheduler) and see what the last run of CategoryStats shows.


I’ve triggered mine manually yesterday so the scheduler won’t mean much right now:

The manual triggering of CategoryStats did not change the counts, though.

I ran Felix’s ruby code earlier today and that dropped the topic counts in the empty categories. It did not increase the topic count elsewhere like I thought it would.


I had also triggered that job manually, as far as I recall. It completed successfully, but had no effect.


Mine also ran but didn’t change the counts. I also have one which is -1 as well.

I will run the code from @fefrei and see if that makes a difference.

Edit: running the code worked in the rails console