Category topic count incorrectly displaying number of posts

Hi everyone,

I’m having a problem where on the main page of my Discourse instance, the categories are displayed with the number of topics. However, after permanently deleting a post, the number still does not go down - is there a way to resolve this? The number of posts is 5 even though there are 3 topics open and 2 have been permanently deleted.


Are you referring to this?


Hi ondrej,

No - I’m referring to normal lifetime category topic posts, not weekly posts.


I think there’s a daily background job that would adjust those. How long has it been?

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Hi JammyDodger,

It’s been 3 hours - is there a way to manually run this background job?


If you have access to your /sidekiq/scheduler page, you can manually trigger jobs::EnsureDbConsistency. Hopefully that kicks it back into line. :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks - that worked!

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