Forcefully adding other users when a PM is sent to a user

Someone already asked a similar question here over a year ago, but didn’t get any replies. We are setting up discourse for our youth group. This discourse community has the youth as well as their parents registered. Whenever a youth is sent a PM, I would like a cc to go to their parents. This can’t be optional or something that sender opts into. Is there any way to do this?

An alternative which might be suitable is to have all PMs include a couple of “moderators” on them. So instead of having to set up connections between parents we could just make sure that all PMs that are sent to people in a certain group include the “moderator” group. Is this possible?

The ultimate goal here is to avoid one-on-one communication between adults and youth. I’m a software engineer so I could possibly spend time building a plug-in for this if the functionality is not already there but I wouldn’t know the best way to do it. Some pointers as to how much work this would be could be helpful to get me started.



One possible workaround If you could figure out a way to automatically add the candidate and their parents to a group (possibly via SSO) you can directly send a message to the relevant group which will reach the candidate as well as parent(s).