Plugin to automatically copy messages to other selected users

What would you like done?
We have a youth group and are investigating discourse as one way to communicate. We have requirements to maintain full transparency and are looking to have any private/direct message sent to a youth also copied to their parent(s) we currently have an email forwarder that will CC parents on emails to the youth. This is extremely helpful for us not only that it provides transparency but in many cases the parent will remind their child of a message or requirement they need to do it f they fail to reply.

When do you need it done?
We are open. We are Test driving Discourse at the moment and this is a feature that would make discourse a perfect fit for us. There is not immediate need.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task? We are open to negotiations. Please DM me if interested.

Hey @Gryphon, welcome to the community!

In Discourse you can send private messages to multiple recipients. One way to achieve what you’re talking about is to just add in a child’s parent whenever you send a message to them.

Are you wanting to automate this process in some way? If so, are you thinking of having a record of which of your users are parents of which children?

Will both the parents and children have user accounts on your community?


Howdy @angus. Thanks for the welcome.

In answer to you, we would be looking to automate the process so there would be no chance of a user contacting a youth without a parent knowing. We do keep a user DB with logins and we can associate parents to youth. We do this with our email forwarder though I’m a kludgy way.
Eventually we would fully integrate discourse into our web portal to be able to use SSO, but that is a bit down the road. For now we would add discourse users with association of parents to youth. Being new to discourse, I’m not sure if discourse itself could manage that or if that association would have to be added functionality also.

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