Forcing send of digest emails to entire specific group?

I have a category in my Discourse instance that has restricted visibility - only administrators and members of a selected Group are able to see or post in it. It’s a low-activity category, so people don’t visit often unless a new topic comes up. The last time this happened was prior to moving from PHPBB3 to Discourse. When I created some new topics in that Category that should have sparked replies, I get crickets. I looked at emails, and only four of the considerably larger number of users received digest emails after I posted. This leads to the question…

Is there a way to force Digest emails or some other form of notification email to the membership of that group so that they ALL know there’s content there for them to review and interact with?

See Force category watching based on group membership only once.

Mostly, you need a plugin and you’ll need to modify code (in what may be a fairly obvious way) to make it do what you want.


Plugin gets me most of the way there…possibly it’ll be sufficient for what I want. If I can force all to watch the category, I can post a new topic or message to draw attention as needed. The example I used ran every six hours to force watch, so worst case I may have to create a separate “-no-watch” group for those that absolutely object to the emails…or just remove them from the group since active participation is key to being a member of that group. Thanks for the quick reply!

They still have control over that in the emails section of their profiles.