E-Mails only for watched categories?

Have searched but didn’t find…

What do I have to set if I want the users of a certain group get an E-Mail Notification when a new Topic / Reply is posted in a certain category - but not for all else categories?

Managed to get a notification to the group users by setting them to watch the category and enable the mailing list mode.
But when there is a new posting in another category, a mail is sent too. How do I deactivate that?

I want that a special group is informed of new postings in a certain group initially and can then have the opportunity to set other categories to watched. But they must be left alone with all else (They can read that upon a visit to the page).

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Have you seen this?


Hey Tobias,

that was partially what I was looking for - thank you for your help.

Regarding that and having controlled: Yes, my special Group is watching (notification level 3) that special meant category. And they all receive an e-mail upon a new posting in that category; and noone else does. So that is really fine.

But … when I post something in another category they all (all members of that special Group) get notification e-mails also. And that is not what I want. They have no entries concerning that Group in category_users.

Is it that caused by the mailing list mode?

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Probably - mailing list mode is a fire hose. With that enabled, you get an email for every post to the forum in every category that you have access to.


Hey Tobias,

hey THAT helped :bulb:

Maybe it was because of the translations, I struggled to find a sense in e-mail settings.

Thank you!


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