Forcing users to read their mail is confusing my users

I got a complaint from a user that their screen was dimmed and looked like this:

He did not understand that Discourse wanted him to check his messages. He was just confused. I impersonated him, and I agree.


Agree, I raised this here

We need an extra overlay there:

Click picture of inbox to check your incoming messages.

[check my mail] [Never show this again]


This should be limited to TL0 users anyway @tgxworld

Sure, but tl0 are the users most confused by this, they log in and then site looks broken

I am pretty sure the user in question is not a new user can you confirm @rhyolight ?

Not a new user. I believe this was caused because a user never checked their message inbox, so the welcome message was still unread after 6 months.

I don’t agree, however, that tl0 users are the most confused. This is confusing to anyone.

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We’re still actively working on it, and this is brand new as of a few hours ago. But yes, it is intended for new users only.


Ok so the condition now is that the “First PM Notification” feature will only trigger for new users that are less than a week old with a trust level of 0


Ok this is fixed now, just get latest.

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