Formalized assignment and possible logging of pending applications

For consideration please:

Problem statement: When someone seeks to join our site, they are put in a Review queue of Pending applications. And then one of three admins might process their request using the following protocol:

  • those with an institutional email address are waived through
  • those who are known (often as a result of a referral) are waived through
  • those not are sent an email requesting background.

Possible solution: Via some kind of GUI interface, an admin can take charge of a particular screening process so that the other admins can know that that application is being handled and by whom.

Additional feature: If typed‑in notes could also be recorded en route, that would also help reduce the opportunities for confusion and possibly also assist with the screening decisions.

Background material:

Many thanks in advance, R

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There’s the auto approve email domains admin setting that may help with that one:

There is the reviewable claiming admin setting too, but it doesn’t appear to apply to approving users currently. If it did that would be almost perfect. :slight_smile: You could apply user notes from their admin page using the Discourse User Notes plugin too, though it would be nice if this was a few steps closer to the Approval in the Review Queue.

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Totally agree! It would be massively helpful to have this also apply to sign-up requests.

For us, it would only be useful once New users need approval despite being invited is fixed of course…

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