Users must approve + send 'user approval' mail immediately to same moderator account every time

Hi !

we’re using Discourse with the option ‘must approve users’ , and we want our helpdesk to handle approvals .

I’ve realized new account approval mail is sent out to moderators, but it seems to me it’s a bit random.
Mail about users that must be approved sometime goes to all moderators and other times to only a few of the moderators.
It seems to me it’s connected to when that moderator was logged on last, e.g. mail goes out to all moderators that have been logged on for the past 6-7 days ?
If this is correct, is there a way to configure 1 moderator account to always get mail regarding users that must be approved ?

I’m also trying to figure out if it’s possible to send out mail immediately when a new user sign up, seems to me it’s only possible to set ‘pending user approval’ to 0 hours, which mean the mail go out sometime during the next hour .
Is there a way to make this immediate ? or mabye tune the scheduler to run more often ir similar?


This is correct, it is sent out during an hourly scheduled job which checks for pending users.

I’m not completely sure what’s going on here, but one potential answer is that moderators currently on the site get an on-site notification instead of an email. Are your moderators noticing the red (1) review queue icon?

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thnx for your reply .

is there a way I could tune that hourly schedueled job to run more often ?

Regarding moderators, this is an account I created, no one actually uses that account on a daily basis.

  1. I setup the account with email address set to our helpdesk
  2. I create a request for an account, and see that the approval mail is sent into our helpdesk
  3. 6-8 days later without any new user activity a new user request an account
  4. mail is not sent to the helpdesk mail (?)
  5. I can se approval mail is sent out to the other moderators. These moderators are logged on on a daily basis
  6. I do some extra tests applying for more accounts, no mail is sent to helpdesk
  7. I login to the forum with the helpdesk account, then apply for a new user
  8. Now a mail is sent out to the helpdesk account (?)
  9. therefore I believe there is some logic around approval mail to not send mail to inactive moderators (?) but this is just a theory atm.

Are you saying if 1 moderator is logged on, that moderator will get a notification and no mail is sent to the other moderators ?


Ah yes, I seem to remember a feature that would stop sending these automated review-queue reminders to moderators who never log on.

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