Formatting toolbar


I integrated almost all the code used in bbcode plugin, so it’s highly not recommended to use both, it will probably break your forum.

(Stephen) #88

How would they conflict? One outputs code into the editor, the other parses it, right?


I integrated the code in my plugin, I needed the create some bbcode (float for example), it was easier to add everything, and a have “all in one” plugin.

(Stephen) #90

So you’re saying that your plugin will clash with the official bbcode plugin?

If so, shouldn’t that be noted in the OP, and potentially on the topic for the official plugin?

If a plugin clashes with an official plugin, shouldn’t it be tagged as broken?


Good point, sam added a warning in the first post

(Jordan) #92

I just installed this formatting toolbar (my first plugin!) and created a video to help any other neophytes, like me, who would like to see a demonstration of how to install this or any other plugins!

(Régis Hanol) #93

FYI git pull has nothing to do with the installation of a plugin :wink:

It pulls the changes (if any) from to your local copy.

The nice thing, is that it’s not even needed as it is included when you do ./launcher rebuild app (:raised_hands: for less work)

(xiasummer) #94

is it possible to add this feature?


I think so, I personnaly use the gallery theme component from the same author without any issue.