Forum stuck on ‘loading’

Hello, after installing the official AI plugin the forum remained “loading”, I deleted it and it still loads, I don’t know what’s happening.


Could you see if it works in safe mode, as well as checking the /logs and browser console for any errors?


When I enter the link safely, it appears just like the image in the example

I press the button to activate safe mode and nothing happens

Even thinking that it was a plugin, I deleted them all from app.yml and did a rebuild again, but it appears the same.

I have also entered safe mode from the example Discourse Demo and neither.


Hello, I confirm that I have solved the problem.

The cause was due to a problem with CDN that prevented images and other static files from loading.

Basically I had the route and everything configured correctly, however yesterday I activated “storage” and when associating it with the cdn, the source configuration was changed to storage, and this caused all this problem