My forum is stuck on the loading screen

My friends and I made a forum through Discourse and the link is

It used to work for the past 5 months until we found out that it stopped and was stuck on the loading screen forever like a month or so. The only possible clue we have right now is Mailgun. We haven’t paid for it since we stuck to the free program and was working fine for the last 5 months even though they got removed from the free plan and automatically changed our plan into a paying plan. Thus our account was “temporarily disabled” since 3 months ago but it didn’t do any damage to the website till now. So we wanted to know what the reason truly is before we started paying for the plan in Mailgun.

Just for more information about our website if needed:

  • We used Mailgun for our SMTP

  • We used Digital Ocean for our hosting

  • We used GoDaddy for our DNS and website name

  • We used Discourse for our website’s pamphlet and design

  • We used Putty to incorporate these and publish the website

I hope I could get some help with this forum. Thank You!

Email is pretty unlikely to be the culprit here. What does /logs say?


Try safemode:


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Have you tried logging into Digital Ocean, navigating to droplet, opening the Droplet Console, and running ./launcher rebuild app ?

If that fixes the issue, great!

Otherwise If safemode works for you, then perhaps it could be a plugin that you installed which is not compatible with the current version? Or perhaps you have to many plugins and it just takes forever to load?

  • Update all your plugins
  • Update Discourse

If the issue still persists, try disabling one plugin at a time to see if there is a specific plugin that is causing the endless loading.

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Hello and welcome @Johnny_We :slight_smile:

A quick look in the browser console is pointing to a header-toggle-button theme component:

Uncaught (in promise) Error: Could not find module `ember-cli-htmlbars` imported from `discourse/theme-7/widgets/header-toggle-button`
    c loader.js:247
    c loader.js:258
    findDeps loader.js:168
    c loader.js:262
    requireModule loader.js:24
    s auto-load-modules.js:18
    s auto-load-modules.js:12
    initialize auto-load-modules.js:40
    initialize app.js:49
    runInstanceInitializers Ember
    each dag-map.js:231
    walk dag-map.js:145
    each dag-map.js:75
    topsort dag-map.js:83
    Ember 4
    invoke backburner.js:351
    flush backburner.js:241
    flush backburner.js:447
    _end backburner.js:999
    _boundAutorunEnd backburner.js:648
    promise callback*n/< backburner.js:28
    flush Ember
    _scheduleAutorun backburner.js:1218
    _ensureInstance backburner.js:1206
    schedule backburner.js:805
    Ember 6
    <anonymous> start-app.js:4
    <anonymous> discourse-boot.js:50
    <anonymous> discourse-boot.js:51

If you can use safe mode to login and either update it or disable it from your /admin/customize/themes page that should help. :+1:

I notice that yours is a login-only site. If you can’t login in the normal way due to the infinite loading you can use the /u/admin-login and also enable safe mode at the same time.

Separately, I think you should be able to downgrade your mailgun plan to the flex version if you try and cancel the paid one. :crossed_fingers: I think it still exists, but they’ve hidden it a bit. There’s some more info in this topic:


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