Free Discourse hosting server for early adopters

I work for an open source startup, OneCommons, and we’re about to launch an IaC/DevOps platform called It’s a low-code solution to deploy applications on major cloud platforms like GCP, AWS, and Digital Ocean. We have a limited catalog for now, but Discourse is one of the applications we support and we’re offering free hosting (one test server for six months) to attract early adopters. This code is good for the first 50 Discourse users who sign up: UCDISCOURSE20223D0


Thanks for sharing this! Though I just tried it and got that message:

Thanks for signing up! Yes, as I mentioned we’re about to launch. (Although I had a typo and left out “and we’re” before “about” in the original post, so the confusion is probably my bad.) We’ll start admitting signed up users in the very near future. You’ll get an email when your account is approved to sign in.


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