Anywhere to host free Discourse instance?

Hello everyone and Discourse team,

I would like to ask whether there is a service or a place, where I can run a mini (100 users, 2 posts a day, 5 replies on each post) Discouse instance. Although, I do know “there ain’t such thing as a free lunch” :smile:

Regards, Ben

Hi there,
Not really. See this topic for a similar discussion.

I doubt there are hosting providers willing to give you the minimum resources you need for running Discourse… Maybe if you’re a non-profit organization you may be able to get a discount… I know DreamHost offers free hosting for 501c(3) in US but those plans are not good for Discourse.
You could explore Amazon’s Free Tier, but I don’t know if that’s going to work at all.


Hey, thank you @HAWK & @smaffulli for your answer.
I know about Amazon free tier, but it only gives 750h/month and 12 months.