Free trial questions

If I buy the free trial, adding my card data. $100 will be automatically used or I need to select if continue or not? Can I cancel the free trial?

We don’t automatically start subscriptions on our hosting, so there’s no need to worry about canceling. If you stop using your trial and do not subscribe we will decommission it automatically.

After signing up for a trial you might notice a small $1 charge on your card, but that should be reversed within a day… the primary reason we require a credit card is to prevent spam sign ups, and the check works by making a small pending charge and then cancelling it.


Hi @awesomerobot After how many times after the trial end will cancel the service?

Also there is a way to cancel the trial?

When the trial ends the site is put into read-only mode, and I believe it’s decommissioned within a couple weeks.

You can cancel a trial via the admin dashboard

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Thanks! The latest question can I pay the 1 dollar commission in €?

You don’t have to pay anything, it’s simply an authorization to ensure the card is valid. It’ll be taken automatically, and in US dollars. As Kris mentioned, it is then immediately reversed. You may see it in your list of “pending” transactions, but it will not “post” and appear on your statement.


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