Subscription with free coupon still requires credit card number

I’ve finally moved a site to using live credit cards but would still like to be able to give first-time testers a way to try things for free. I thought a free coupon would work, but you still have to enter a credit card.

Or perhaps, having them enter a credit card is a good spam deterrent.

I thought that maybe a $0 plan could let people try for free, but that doesn’t work either. The apply-the-coupon-before-getting-a-credit-card-number logic might be difficult or impossible, but maybe there’s a way to allow a free ($0) plan not ask for a credit card number?

I guess the solution is to just let people request to join the group.

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I’d think this makes the most sense. If a request doesn’t need to go through Stripe, then it shouldn’t. There could be an option to simply add a user to a group from the Subscriptions interface, but I’m not sure how many people are looking for free memberships.

I had mentioned something earlier that is similar to this, and just want to highlight it again. If you want to provide a free trial to users, it is a huge plus (and becoming the industry standard) to not require they enter a credit up front. I would think it would be one of the best features to add to the excellent subscriptions plugin.