Freelance Job - Specific Tasks

Hey guys,

I am looking for some freelance developer that can help us with the following tasks:

  • Enable Discourse SSO (Single Sign On) feature with Keycloak Identity Manager. I think SAML protocol is used.
  • If possible, implement multi-site setup for a single Discourse instance. We have 3 different ecommerce website (different domains), and we would like to have 3 different Discourse domains using the same Discourse instance.

Estimated budget: 500 USD or if you prefer, we can arrange a standard hour rate for this job. (between 30 to 70 USD/hour).

Thank you !


Hi @Nicolás_Mella

I can help with that. Please drop me an email to and we can get this rolling.


Thanks. I already agreed with Bhanu for this task.


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