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What would you like done? I need to complete the Google Ad Words for my URL. I need to complete the Discourse configuration setup for my forum, a few minor details need to be completed for proper functionality. I need to setup a Google Business login / account for my URL. www.ESQUIREFORUM.COM.

When do you need it done? Flexible / 30 - 60 days?

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task? I don’t know the hourly rate for such a task. Help me to understand the pricing structure.

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For a custom site design the hourly fee a designer may charge could vary drastically, but if you want to start with existing themes then you wouldn’t need to pay for a new one to be developed just for your site.

For discourse configuration / google workspace setup I could potentially help with that, and/or developing a new theme but not writing computer code for that am not a web developer.

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I have my discourse site 90% complete, it’s hosted and I am paying the $100 monthly fee. I need help with adwords, I believe part of the original setup of my Discourse site included adwords / Google setup of some sort. I am looking for help with that as a first priority. Secondly, I would like a well minded Discourse advocate to view my site and determine what else I could be missing. I know the account needs to be added but not yet. Please let me know, the site is Thanks! Paul.

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For the adwords don’t know what support you need with those.

At that site there is a banner that states:

Outgoing email has been disabled for non-staff users.

And looks like the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy pages need to be edited, the starting templates for those you can see also have banners of:

[Forum Admin, please find below an example starting template for a privacy policy that you should customise to your site.]


Change Me

Forum Admin, please find below an example starting template for a privacy policy that you should customise to meet your site’s needs.

With Stripe are you wanting to have that setup to create a paywall for the forum for subscribers only? I haven’t done that but that is something I have been trying to figure out how to set up, also for optional subscription/donation payments not necessarily a paywall to be able to access discourse.

For visual theme design that is what I am most qualified for background is in art history and architecture.

@anon65426961 - can you keep the marketplace topics clear for genuine offers of assistance. If you’re interested in the gig please contact the OP by PM. :+1:


Thank you! I will have to make these changes to the site, appreciate your feedback! What do you mean by Visual Theme Design? If we want a logo for our business, is that within your line of work?

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Ok sent a pm, just tried to answer their question here of if it looked like anything was missing for their site.

Continued in: Google Adwords Setup