Frostbite ❤ Discourse

tl;dr Frostbite :heart: Discourse!

A member of Frostbite’s Rendering Team gave a presentation today about how they have been using Discourse for their sub-community for both support and just general communication, as a way to move away from mailing lists.

Powerpoint Presentation


That was a very good presentation!

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gee, thanks! :blush: May I tweet a snapshot of the presentation?


This is so awesome because I am a Battlefield superfan. I’ve put hundreds and hundreds of hours into Battlefield 1942, 1, 2, 2142, 3, 4 … and I hear Battlefield 5 is coming. Damn it, I even bought Battlefield: Hardline and Star Wars Battlefield!

Who has two thumbs and would love to be on the Battlefield 5 beta? this guy

Downloading and saving this for posterity…


You have no idea how many Battlefront fans you just upset.


Go for it, anything that helps spread the word on how awesome Discourse is!


I’ll forward this to the right people! :slight_smile:


You forgot BF Vietnam?

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I had that, and I also forgot to mention Battlefield Bad Company 2 as well, which had a vietnam expansion… that I also bought.

Didn’t get the Vietnam expansion for that.

What about secret weapons expansion on 1942.

Nice one!

One of the great features of Discourse is that it can also be used as a mailing list - that way those who prefer to keep a check on things (and reply!) via email, can, and then when they need a better UI to look at the conversation they can just jump into the thread.

Is it ok if I link to your presentation when we launch our Elixir forum?

Big fan of BF1942, 2, 3 and lattely BF4, fighting in those Shangai Towers for months.
Truly happy to see this thread!

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Sure, go right ahead. :slight_smile:

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Would like to check out the presentation, but the link is not working anymore.

Can someone share again?


Try it again? Still seems to work, might have been a temporary outage or something.

Tried again on iPad and PC, get OneDrive page for link broken.

Ahh ok, I was signed in with my account, apparently something changed. Try this one,


That works :slight_smile: thanks!

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The utter joy expressed in the powerpoint makes me smile!

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