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(Jake Shadle) #1

tl;dr Frostbite :heart: Discourse!

A member of Frostbite’s Rendering Team gave a presentation today about how they have been using Discourse for their sub-community for both support and just general communication, as a way to move away from mailing lists.

Powerpoint Presentation

One Pager for on Discourse
(Shadow Shifter) #2

That was a very good presentation!

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #3

gee, thanks! :blush: May I tweet a snapshot of the presentation?

(Jeff Atwood) #4

This is so awesome because I am a Battlefield superfan. I’ve put hundreds and hundreds of hours into Battlefield 1942, 1, 2, 2142, 3, 4 … and I hear Battlefield 5 is coming. Damn it, I even bought Battlefield: Hardline and Star Wars Battlefield!

Who has two thumbs and would love to be on the Battlefield 5 beta? this guy

Downloading and saving this for posterity…


You have no idea how many Battlefront fans you just upset.

(Jake Shadle) #6

Go for it, anything that helps spread the word on how awesome Discourse is!

(Jake Shadle) #7

I’ll forward this to the right people! :slight_smile:

(Louis Rossouw) #8

You forgot BF Vietnam?

(Jeff Atwood) #9

I had that, and I also forgot to mention Battlefield Bad Company 2 as well, which had a vietnam expansion… that I also bought.

(Louis Rossouw) #10

Didn’t get the Vietnam expansion for that.

What about secret weapons expansion on 1942.

(AstonJ) #11

Nice one!

One of the great features of Discourse is that it can also be used as a mailing list - that way those who prefer to keep a check on things (and reply!) via email, can, and then when they need a better UI to look at the conversation they can just jump into the thread.

Is it ok if I link to your presentation when we launch our Elixir forum?


Big fan of BF1942, 2, 3 and lattely BF4, fighting in those Shangai Towers for months.
Truly happy to see this thread!

(Jake Shadle) #13

Sure, go right ahead. :slight_smile:

(Rodrigo Pereira) #14


Would like to check out the presentation, but the link is not working anymore.

Can someone share again?


(Jake Shadle) #15

Try it again? Still seems to work, might have been a temporary outage or something.

(Rodrigo Pereira) #16

Tried again on iPad and PC, get OneDrive page for link broken.

(Jake Shadle) #17

Ahh ok, I was signed in with my account, apparently something changed. Try this one,

(Rodrigo Pereira) #18

That works :slight_smile: thanks!