[FTE] GitHub Operations Manager

Hi Community Folks! We just opened a role for a Community Operations Manager at @GitHub! :tada:

Come join our amazing team and help build the future for our global community of developers now 65+ million strong! The post won’t be up long so don’t delay: Link to apply

We’re looking for experienced candidates with platform admin & technical expertise – Discourse preferred :wink: This role is ideal for someone looking for a creative job with autonomy on an amazing team with lots of support :rocket:


How to re-vitalize the GitHub Forum could also be an interesting topic in the #community category? I’d be happy to share my thoughts and curious to hear other ideas!


Oh wow, that one closed pretty quickly :frowning:


Hi @Mark_Walkom – Yes, that was faster than I expected. We’ll be opening more roles in the coming weeks and months. I’ll be sure to post them here as well. If you’re interested please feel free to reach out.


Ok thanks.
One comment would be it’d be good if they weren’t posted right before/on the weekend.


Yep - agreed. I’m going to share that feedback with the recruiting team. This is the first role I’ve opened since joining about 2 months ago. I’d been warned that roles are not posted long because of the number of applicants, but less than a week and over a weekend is tough.


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