Full explanation of the site contact group setting

The site contact group setting was added in 2.3.0.beta5, but there’s no real explanation about it that I could see. So just checking if there’s a major category of message that we haven’t seen yet that it will send. So far we’ve seen:

  • “Thanks for spending time with us” When a user gets promoted to TL1 (maybe higher TLs too?)
  • User of the month
  • Spam notifications
  • Posts hidden by community flags

Are there any other kinds of messages?

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This topic is confusing. Are you asking “what is this setting” or “tell me every single message that will be sent to a user”?


A bit of both. The setting label says “A valid group name to be invited to all automated messages.” Which isn’t strictly true. It doesn’t get the discobot messages for example.

So yeah, I’m wondering if there’s a list of every category of message that we’ll be invited to. For our forum it doesn’t feel very useful yet, but maybe there’s a type of message that we would like to see that just hasn’t come up yet.

Sorry, couldn’t find an explanation: What is this setting?

It includes a group in automated system messages that are sent to users in certain situations. By default these messages are sent by the @system user unless site contact username is set.

Some examples of these messages here: