Full markdown support in Chat


It would be nice if the Chat window had full markdown support. Currently, it appears to intentionally not render markdown headers, as discussed here.

I agree that most people would not type markdown headers in a chat but LLMs might. As chatbots are becoming more common, it would be nice if any markdown sent by an LLM displayed correctly in the Chat window.

With RAG support bots in particular, the LLM receives raw post content from topics which may contain markdown headers. If it includes those headers in the chat reply, they don’t work as is.


My users are using AI mostly in chats (both DAI and Chatbot) and broken headers are a bit annoying. For me, ordinary users just don’t care :smirk:

But what bugs me the most is when I copy those chat messages to a topic those quoted headers stay broken.


We hear you and are thinking about this problem.