Full page sign up and login dialogs

Over the years we have migrated away from having complex functionality in modals. A great example is the full page category edit and create routes.

By introducing dedicated routes it is far easier to share / modify / extend and maintain pages.

We would like to migrate the login and sign up pages to top level routes, this will help unify our behavior and not carry multiple ways of handling login and invite redemption flows.

@Osama recently made some progress in this area by introducing top level routes for 2fa.


Right now the modal also pops up when visitors don’t specifically intend to sign up or log in, but click an action that requires an account, e.g. like a post. Then the modal can easily be dismissed by the user without being navigated away from wherever they are. How would these signup nudges be handled with full page dialogs?


To be honest we have not thought this edge case through, I am thinking we could introduce an interstitial dialog for the nudge case if we want to avoid a full navigation? Or maybe provide a component that does that.


I do think it gives a nice responsive feel to the interface. Maybe align it with the signup reminder and have one common signup nudge:


I would love to see this along with a fullscreen suspension page

I ended up navigating to this page as I was hoping to find a way to have a fullscreen signup page, that way I can link directly to the signup page in a “next steps” email as part of our onboarding flow.

It appears there is currently no way to do this. Is this something that is far away on the horizon?

Realistically it feels about 6-12 months out, we have a lot of prep work before we can do this.

That said, a link is very doable today https://meta.discourse.org/login will pop the login dialog open.


And there’s /signup too for the create account one. :+1:

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