Full-width forced on every theme

Hello. On forum.dark-gaming.com, every theme is forced into full-width. This started happening after the owner of the website installed DarkPixlz’s Modern Theme after a suggestion I made. I am not the owner of this site, @popstarfreas is. Does anyone know any solutions that the owner of the site could try?

Bug report link:

Hi @twofoursixeight!

I suspect the admin installed this component and activated it on all the themes:

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Theses are the screenshots of what happened after the changes:

Pixlz’s modern theme is broken with full-width, but I think it needs an update, because the theme creator pushed out updates.

The full-width component is an experiment and I don’t recommend using it if this is the cause of your issue. Please ask the admin to disable it.

If you want support from @Pixlz, you should reach them on this particular theme topic: DarkPixlz's Modern Theme, but in general, you shouldn’t expect a theme author to “fix” their theme if it conflicts with another, not widely used plulgin or component (it’s their call).

I’m closing it since you should now have the resources to fix it and it’s specific to a third-party theme that has its own topic. Feel free to reach me by chat or PM if you have further inquiries :slight_smile: