Functionality to remove unneccesary posts from topics

Continuing the discussion from Multisite configuration with Docker:

I love Discourse and first want to just say ‘thanks’ to you guys for your work on an excellent application.


Gahh, I hate having to say that…but, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed when I read some Discourse threads - for example the one I’ve linked to above (multisite configuration).

Over time these threads get cluttered. For example, with the thread I added below:

I’m wondering how you guys envision folks consuming this post in the best way possible currently…and if you have any ideas for how to make it more easily consumed in the future?

I’d suggest that a “cleaning” mechanism of some sort would be quite handy. For example, the above thread I made is old news. It really is pretty useless - @riking made the necessary edit - the related posts are now “useless.”

A cleaning mechanism might work something like this (and I’m just spitballing here trying to be helpful :))

  • One could select a thread of posts and “collapse” them. They would remain part of the same thread, in the same location, but individuals would click on them collapsed version to expand and see the full thread. This way the info. is still accessible, but isn’t cluttering up what’s really important.
  • One could have a “break into new topic” option that would pull off this specific sub-thread into a new topic…err, it should probably be an old topic, otherwise everyone would see this useless info. as unread when they next visited the site.
  • The moderator could just delete the clutter.
  • Users could be responsible for deleting their own clutter.



Pretty much all the above exists, its just a question of discipline applying the existing tools.


As Sam has said a lot of the functionality is there. Though I thunk it is in part conditioning and akso exposing features that can make things easier

Fpr example a fairly new site setting puts an Arrow on the left bottom of a post with a number. When clicked it hides posts save those that are. related to the first post you clicked on.

This is handy not only for the member but also the mod team if they want to split a topic…However may need an option to insert posts later if the respondent used the bottom reply button vs the post reply.