Garmin Connect Course Onebox Plugin

Simple plugin to embed garmin connect courses,
An example of it being used:


Nice plugin. We have few runners in our community and it’s helpful.

Although, it seems that Garmin changed the iframe. The new courses use this link :

I forked the plugin and updated it, I don’t know if I make a pull request, old links will be broken.

I share my update if someone wants to see what I’ve done :

Glad you like it, and thanks for the update about the links. I can update the regex to match the old and new links. Or if you’d prefer and want to give it a shot make a pull request that matches the old and new. Let me know. Cheers Ewan

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I’ll let you do that, it will be great

@Steven are there any variations on the new links?
The old links had 2 variations

In fact we probably want to use the new embeds as well right?
So you see the newer UI in the onebox.

I don’t think so, I saw only one : Garmin Connect

The old embed was fine too, but I don’t know if it works with the new one

Hi Steven,
Have you got an example of the plugin working with the new activity link?
There’s a few variations and a distinction between courses and activites.
Looks like we can get modern UI with activities and the old style with courses. Half updated plugin and written some tests, will finish in the next couple of days.

Here is one example :

Thank, just updated plugin, let me know how you get along.

Tried it, both links works fine. Great update !

I didn’t follow your install guide tho, I went with the usual one (- git clone link) in the app.yml