Gemfile.lock dependency conflicts

I do not much experience with Ruby so bear with me. I haven’t updated in 2 or 3 months. When I did, there’s a conflict.

discourse-omniauth-jwt needs the jwt gem at 2.2.1

I’m guessing with this commit to Gemfile.lock, discourse now uses version 2.3.0 of jwt.

I’m guessing updating jwt on discourse-omniauth-jwt isn’t really an option since it isn’t updated. What should I do here?

I’d try my luck, fork it and bump the dependency to 2.3.0
From what I can tell what motivated the 2.2.1 (which was the latest at the time of the commit in 2019) has not changed.

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True. Let me give that a shot.

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That worked out! I also figured out how to publish my own ruby gem whilst figuring this out.

I see that gems can also be imported with a git URL such as

gem "discourse-omniauth-jwt", "0.0.3", git: ""

Does this not work as a result of how discourse installs dependencies?

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