Webpush gem is not latest

any reason for this?

it’s a dependency that was working in the plugin when we migrated. There appears to have been some issues in the past with those libs sometimes breaking and not sending notifications. I wanted no chance of that happening while I was porting, so I used dependencies I knew were working.

What does that particular patch give you that you’re missing?


I am packaging discourse as an rpm. And was wondering why we were using not the latest version for a feature that is just added. in general Gemfile dependencies tend to get stale especially when it is so tightly locked down as in this case.

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As best as I can determine the more recent version of the gem added JWT (JSON Web Token) headers. This could be important to authenticate the notification as coming from Discourse. But I am not knowledgeable enough in this area to know how applicable that is here.

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This is now no longer pinned per Don't pin version for the webpush gem. · discourse/discourse@5993a3a · GitHub


Thank you! This will make my life easier in the long run

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