Generating an invite link automatically creates a user and sends an email?

I am trying to only generate an invite link and nothing else; doing a request to /link results in an invite email being triggered and an account being automatically created

How do I prevent this behaviour and only generate the link and nothing else? I explicitly only click copy link, and not send.

The only requests fired:

It does not appear to be an email system auto-visiting every link received in a message body; there is no activation IP:


Use the invite button on your user page or any topic?

Press the Copy Invite Link button.

Using the copy invite button changes the modal into an input box to copy the invite link, but it still sends an email, I can’t seem to figure out how to avoid that. The copy invite link button definitely does trigger a new invite email from what I can see, though

I’ll enter the container and look closer at logs to see what might be possibly triggering staged users or something when I get home in a bit.


I can confirm this, definitely a bug @techAPJ can you have a look?

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Fixed via:

It was regressed 17 days ago in this commit.

Thanks for reporting it @cappy! :thumbsup: