Get a filtered latest.json

We’d like to create a personalised hompage for users, that will include posts tagged to their interest. We’ll pre-define a few persona’s and they’d need to get a personalised feed of latest forum posts.

What would be the best way to get a latest.json that is filtered to only contain a select few categories / tags?

Ideally it would:

  • include posts containing [tag] & [tag2] from category1
  • include all posts from the news-category
  • include pinned topics, unless read
  • include the answer-state from the solved-plugin

Is any filtering like this implemented?
Or would it be better to just get latest.json (which will contain everything I need, and more), parse it in the frontend and filter out the things we do not want to show?

AFAIK the best would probably be to write a plugin for such customisation.

That’s too bad :slight_smile:

How would we best approach this so that the new feed doesn’t deviate too much from the OOTB latest.json?