Have Latest feed only show Watched categories?

Is there a way to have the Latest feed only show Watched categories?

In our case we’ll likely have a lot of categories, but many people only care about subsets of those.

The default behavior appears to be that Latest lists everything that a person doesn’t explicitly mute. Is there a way to change that behavior so Latest only lists categories that a person explicitly watches?


We have a query string for all watched topics add ?state=watching to the end. Does that work?

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I’m sorry, probably need a little hand-holding here. Is this query defined in the admin console somewhere?

No, it is simply going to


Oh, I think I see.

So I can’t change the behavior of the Latest button on the menu or the default when people arrive at the site, but they can create a browser shortcut or something to this view?

Yes. Granted, I think you could write a plugin or paste some JavaScript code to make a link appear in the Navigation where Latest, Categories, New, and Unread currently appear.


Here is a post describing the JavaScript method


Yeah, I’d love to see a “Watched” button between the New and Unread buttons, visible to people who have watched categories.

There is some “semantic” complexity around watched.

A watched category means that all new topics from this point on will be watched. This means that you may have some unwatched topics in a watched category. (in addition you can mute or track topic individually)

That said, a button that shows all watched topics IF any category is watched is doable.

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I think user-customization of the latest page is something worth considering more generally at some point. Hasn’t this come up before?

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