Getting server costs down? Cache?

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we just bought the website: which is based on discourse. The site has 400K Users and round about 1 Mio uniques per month.

Our problem now is that the server costs are unusually high round about 2500€ per month ( curretly the project is hosted on AZURE, the most expensive part is the database ). Unfortunately we aren´t very familiar with Rails we are all more PHP guys.

Do you have any ideas how to get the server costs down? Is there for example a cache plugin or any easy solution for this problem?

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You could migrate to our hosting, it will likely be cheaper :wink:


Sound´s interesting, do we in this case still have full controll over the code? So are we still able to implement ads and other things? Is it possible to migrate our existig database and code in your system?

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You do not. However, there are plenty of plugins installed depending on the tier. Enterprise is even more customizable.

You can of course customize most, if not all, of the UI of Discourse via themes and settings.

That’s definitely possible using the Advertising plugin available on all tiers.

Discourse to Discourse migration is a no-brainer. Generate a backup from one Discourse and restore it on the other Discourse.


I think i can help you setup discourse with cost reduction using amazon EC2 , dm me and i will create full cost for 1 month with given traffic on EC2

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I host a similar sized instance on a dedicated Hetzner server for about EUR 70/month. They just provide the hardware though, the rest is up to you. And for what it’s worth I was a PHP/WordPress only guy before this. It’s a bit of a learning curve but support here is great and you’ll pick it up fast.