Getyarn link causes .mp4 download

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Similar to

Posting a link to a clip appears to onbox in the preview, but the actual post causes the browser to download a .mp4 file. More annoyingly, this happens any time the post comes into view, since I assume it’s being re-rendered.

It looks like the content type served by is application/mp4 instead of video/mp4, so that may be relevant.

Here’s an example URL, escaped for obvious reasons:

(Glenn Sims) #2

This bugs me too…I’ve always to know how to change a site’s MIME type…happens a lot with my web server (it’s something, no clue if Apache, nginx, JBossWeb, etc)

(Jay Pfaffman) #3

Sounds like a problem with Have you asked them why they use what you describe as the wrong mime type?

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Anything we can do here @eviltrout?

(Robin Ward) #5

I just tried it on and it worked fine? Is it possible they fixed the MIME type or is this a browser specific issue? I tested on the latest Chrome.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Here’s the embed from above, let’s see if it works?

(Eric) #7

Agreed that they must have changed something on their end.

Thanks for looking into it!

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Let’s see

This seems to autoplay (once) on Firefox but not in Chrome for me.