Embed mp4 video direct link causes huge data transfer

Paste an mp4 video direct link into the composer and then will be onebox as video, and post it.

Then play the video, check the network on devtools, will see huge data transfer. For example, a 100MB video will transfer about 1GB of data. Seems the service worker caused it.

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Can you please put an example on try.discourse.org?

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I do see this:

Note this 31,539,436B video has had most of the content requested multiple times in several requests:

Content-Length: 31539436
Content-Range: bytes 0-31539435/31539436

Content-Length: 180460
Content-Range: bytes 31358976-31539435/31539436

Content-Length: 31506668
Content-Range: bytes 32768-31539435/31539436

Content-Length: 31375596
Content-Range: bytes 163840-31539435/31539436

which match what was requested.

I know this is something we’ve been actively working on improving lately; I’ll ensure the right team is aware.


can you please test my deleted reply on the same topic? view the history play the deleted embedded video and try to manipulate the progress bar.

which really cost a lot of data transfer from my cloud storage

:smiling_face_with_tear: Hope to fix this issue

A fix for this has been released. Thanks for reporting @hawm.


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