GIF/IMAGE link saver by commands, example (cat2 catsad4 doglol8)

There is a very cool feature, but it can only be used by administrators

I want all members to be able to use it, instead of just adm using it, and that each user has their individual configuration, what I put in doesn’t appear for others, that each one has their own configuration!

This plugin could be called GIFDEX

interesting modifications…

1 - A button appears in the text box so that all users can access the resource there. (Like GIF icon) It could have the name GIFDEX

2 - A thumbnail of the GIF that he saved with code appears (It may just be the GIF photo and not the GIF running, so as not to weigh the plugin)


3 - When the user clicks with the right button on a gif, the context menus appear and when he clicks with the right button nothing happens, a menu to save gif could appear when he clicks with the right button and on the cell phone the save menu could appear gif when he presses and hold on top of the gif. So, then, the name of the command that he would like to save the gif link could appear, making it easier to save the link with the command.

I need to know about the savior, because I’m going to collectively finance some money with my


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