Is there any shortcut command to insert links?

a menu in which we can put links and choose what shortcuts we want to use these links in posts. so every time you type the command, the link appears (Inserting a photo or gif) or in the menu, the saved links show the thumbnails of the gif and the image which you can click to place it in the post as well (In addition to using the commands )

Hi Daniela,

We do have a Discourse Gifs theme component that you can use to add a “GIF” button to the post composer on a site. This would be the best option for easily inserting gifs into posts on your site using the composer.

I’m not aware of any theme components or plugins that would add a similar menu to the composer that would allow you to insert your own custom photos or gifs.

You might be able to use the Watched Words Link settings to replace specific words on your site with links to gifs or pictures, however, with this option the words replaced with links would typically just link to the content rather than replacing the text with the content.

I hope that helps point you in the right direction for what you’re looking to accomplish here. :slightly_smiling_face:


I implemented Discourse Gifs, but my members have a lot of problems using it, it’s bureaucratic and always has synchronization problem. Watched Words is AWESOME! PERFECT! Would be great! Is there any way to make this available to all users?

It would be great if it was available to all users.

The Watched Words settings are currently only available to staff users, as Watched Words also contains other type of actions that are would typically be redistricted to moderators or admins, such as blocked or censored words.

I don’t believe there are currently any plans to change how the Watched Words settings are restricted to staff users, but if you think that a setting similar to the Watched Words Link actions would be a good addition to Discourse, please feel free to share any ideas you might have about this in our #feature category.

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