Gif, upload and preview buttons do not fit into one line

The gif, upload and preview buttons (do they have a name? I could not find it in the Names of user interface elements in Discourse) do not fit in one line using german locale


These names, at least, seem to fit :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wonder if the gif option would be better suited for the toolbar on mobile (though we’re also short on space there) — some chat apps tend to group emoji and gifs into a consolidated menu rather than have separate options


I originally moved it from the toolbar to the current place because we were short on space in the toolbar :smiling_face_with_tear:. We will remove the Discourse AI icon from the toolbar soon, so that may also help in the long run.

But the problem here is the super large text for “Save Edit”. We should limit it’s size somehow.

I think the size is limited. “speichern” is not show completely. I think something must have changed because the buttons fit into one row before, but now they don’t. Altough there seems to be enough space between the x and gif button for another button.

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