In some languages the save edit button is too large

When the keyboard are deployed and after
We can’t see properly the text on the box

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Looks like a CSS issue to me, that button should have max length set, the translation is enormous.

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Why you guys edited the title?

Very annoying, guys.
Do you have a solution?

You might want to go to Admin, Customize, Text and shorten that translation text. This is also more of an issue with topics as the category selector is visible.

And i do correct you. Its not a Button issue i talk about exit the keyboard.

I Will try in french here

It is a button text issue. Go to Admin, Customize, Text and shorten the text for that button.

@phi should do this. He is the admin of the Infinite Flight Community.

I try in Discourse meta forum in french so the problem doesn’t reappear here.


On the IF Community

When i do edit my post on IF Community the bug re do the thing.

For me its not a Button size issue. They have the same size on both forums. I feel like CSS error on mobile on the IF Community

When i edit here, the post numbers doesn’t show on Discourse meta but showing in IF Community. Its like a little bug in IF Community. I will talk to Philippe about this

Thanks for the help guys

It happens here also!
But more on the first-post than the others !

Proof here its not a Button size issue !

Is there a shorter translation we can use? Can you submit to trasifex?

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the most correct (from the actual one) are “Sauver”
PS i am not an admin, only a regular user

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