Gigya SSO external script override help

I am using gigya’s ‘registration as a service’ method which basically opens a javascript modal and processes through the modal. I am having a lot of trouble after the modal has opened although sign in on initial open works.

Is there something in discourse which would be preventing links within this modal and/or the script to have problems with swapping content in and out of the modal. Are there events bound to everything in discourse? Can they be overidden or exclude discourse events from within a defined modal?

Is there anything anyone can think of that could be causing this?


SSO is usually done in another page, outside Discourse. So there’s no way to JS from Discourse interfere on the SSO login.

Yes, usually but the way the gigya SSO works as a service is through a modal on the page. I can get it to work on initial open but after that it has problems which I am guessing is bindings from discourse.

Found using a modal with a contained Iframe will work for now.

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