Gitter support in chat-integration appears to be missing settings and rules

(Dave Clements) #1

I’m a new admin for a new Discourse based site ( and I’m trying to integrate Discourse and Gitter. Specifically I’m trying to send notifications to a gitter channel whenever there a new topic is created in Discourse. The screenshots in the Chartoom Integration plugin announcement give me hope that I can do that, but the actual admin interface I’m seeing in Discourse is different and appears to be missing configuration options for Gitter, and is not showing rules for any chat platform at all.

What I see for Gitter is just this:


Most other platforms have more options. (Sorry, first post, can only show one image.)

But none of them appear to support the rules shown in the announcement page.

Any ideas? Thanks.

(David Taylor) #2

First you need to tick the box you showed in the screenshot and tick “enable discourse chat integration”.

Then, refresh the page, go to the Plugins tab at the top of the screen, then Gitter on the left. Then you will be able to create a channel

(Dave Clements) #3

Thank you @david! I would modify the path slightly to say:


  1. Refresh the page,
  2. Click the Plugins tab at the top of the screen,
  3. Click Chat Integrations on the left.
  4. Gitter will appear in the middle,
  5. Click + Create Channel under that.

Thanks bunches.

(Martin Čech) #4

Is it still the case that if you want your notification to show up in the chat (as opposed to the activity pane) you need to write a bot that will re-post it through the gitter API?