Glimmer header - Can't scroll page after close menu panels with slide gesture

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When I close sidebar or user menu I can’t scroll the page. I can repro it on Android and iPhone too. This is not happens always it looks like only happens when you slide out and close the menu fastly. I didn’t check what exactly the issue here but maybe the header cloak not closing correctly and that prevents the scrolling. :thinking:


Yeah I think there is an overflow: hidden which maybe used by header cloak is causing this. When this is happening I can’t reload the page too.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: I’ve checked it on computer and the issue is:

When the menu panel opens it adds a class scroll-lock to HTML tag

If the menu panel closing with slide out gesture this class won’t remove from HTML.


The fix has landed in FIX: Regressed scroll-lock after mobile menu close by CvX · Pull Request #26232 · discourse/discourse · GitHub. Thanks for the report!


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