Prevent body from scrolling when dropdown is active

(Alan Tan) #1

It is really hard to be precise about how much to scroll to reach the end of the dropdown. What usually ends up happening is that I overscroll and the main body starts to scroll.

I was thinking if we would want to disable scrolling on the body when the dropdown is active or at least when the mouse is hovering the dropdown.

(Dean Taylor) #2

This is more obvious on iPhone and Android mobile devices.

And separately:
I’ve even seen some iPhone devices scroll the page randomly even though not at the bottom or top of the menu scroll - but this was with some site customisations.

(Sam Saffron) #3

iPhone clearly needs a bunch of full height things …

  • search
  • hamburger
  • composer

I wonder though how relevant this topic is in light of this redesign

(Alan Tan) #4

This is interesting. I just tested on Firefox and this problem doesn’t occur.

(Mittineague) #5

I have Firefox latest.

It doesn’t happen with scrolling at the end of the hamburger. But it does if I scroll inside of Notifications, Search, or Avatar.

It has never bothered me much, but I guess that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be a problem for others.

(Dean Taylor) #6

I believe this problem might have been mentioned in this Gotcha video by Paul @ 2m15s from back in January:

It starts with “Did you know you can’t stop the body from scrolling?”…
… he mentions there is something coming along the pipeline in “spec land” - but there is now way currently of controlling it.

Obviously - there might be something now because that was 6 months ago.

P.S. other parts of the video are interesting too, worth a watch