Hamburger menu last entry hidden

Continuing the discussion from Feedback on new :hamburger: and user menus:

I will add this as a separate bug report and add some imagery: when on mobile view and with a sufficiently long category list, this happens:

…you cannot scroll further down because the .ember-view .menu-panel .slide-in is too high. If you’re lucky and your device has a more pixles in y-direction, you can see the whole menu as usual:

(on mobile, you lose the desktop switch link instead of the keyboard shortcuts).


The following is related too. We’re fetching too many notifications.


Re-using this one since it’s closely related. On FF ESR 17, the menus become inaccesible when they go from drop-down to slide-in. You get neither any hover effects nor can you click the menus.

ESR 38 works, however.

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That’s probably a separate bug. The slide-in menu doesn’t scroll at all on FF ESR 17.

This is working now, @eviltrout fixed it, FF 17 is a separate issue and different dinosaur that is keeping 2012 alive!