Global "Enable Privacy" feature

I really enjoy Discourse. Now with 1.8 where a new setting was introduced to disable sending sensitive content via mail, I wish for a little feature, that would make things really easy and great:
A single switch option in the backend, maybe called “Make all TOP SECRET” or so. This would automatically set all options so you have a very secure and private forum with just one setting. Maybe it would be great to list what this switch would effect in detail, so you can get a nice overview of all privacy-related features/settings in Discourse.

“Make it TOP SECRET” would mean different things to different people, so… I am not sure this is a useful proposal.

You could, however, document which settings you believe are useful, and why, here.

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Well. I like things grouped together when dealing with privacy/security related things.

  • Checking option to remove content from emails
  • Creating/managing visibility of groups
  • Creating/managing things like password protection

Maybe call it “Make things private” for a better understanding. This would mean – for me – that I can set areas with password protection and nothings leaks via email. Also maybe a setting to not see members of a group (who’s in a group can be problematic privacy-wise).

[This could also be extended by e.g. obfusicating logged IP addresses]

Okay. Maybe misleading. I am not talking about having things private so admins can’t see what’s happening. (forget the user IP obfuscating part) This isn’t any kind of encrypted message board, BUT more for outside people.

If I am in a hidden group, I do not want to be seen in this group (in the group listing with all the group members). Maybe here some setttings like:

  • Hide members of hidden group for non-members
  • Hide members of hidden group for other group members
  • Hide that a hidden group exists at all

Another area would be emails and its options:

  • Disallow sending any kind of email from a topic inside a hidden discussion area (so no auto-leaking because someone want’s to get notified about a reply or so)
  • Allow sending, but remove anything that is sensitive

For wording: I suggest “sensitive” or “secret” or “hidden” or “shadow”.

TL;DR: If a area or group is hidden, make it really hidden.