Global tracking selection

(heinrich5991) #1


Currently there’s a tracking selection for each topic on its own and for read topics.

Then there’s a tracking selection for each category – but unfortunately not for the “top-level” category of the forum, that means that I either have to track all categories (and hope no new categories get added) or set read topic tracking to always and manually click on each topic to track it.


Add a tracking selector to the top-level “Categories” view which affects all new topics.

(James Milligan) #2

I’m unsure what you mean, is this to get a notification of new categories that have been created?

(heinrich5991) #3

No, this is about automatically tracking or watching new topics in general, regardless in which category they are.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

If you want to watch all topics you enter, there is a setting for that.

But watching all topics that are created, no, there is no setting for that. You’d need to watch every category. That seems reasonable as long as the # of categories is not too large.